Valentine's Day

Roses, Carnations, Balloons, Animals, Plants and so much more to delight your Valentine!

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Soft and Cuddly Creatures of the Water World
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Rose Bouquet
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Rose Bouquet
Soft and Cuddly Valentines
Soft and Cuddly Valentines


  • The Meaning of Different Rose Colors
  • Letting the Flower do the Talking

We are often asked the different meaning of roses. Here we try to answer this question

Roses Mean Love

Red- Love, Respect, Passion

Yellow - Joy and Friendship

Orange - Fascination

Pink - Happiness

Pale Pink - Grace and

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Let the flower speak for you. Here is a listing of popular flowers and their meaning

Aster - Symbol of Love

Azalea - Take care of yourself, Chinese symbol of womanhood

Bachelor's Buttons - Single Blessedness: hope in

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