Christmas Arrangements (Code: SilCem)

Variety of Silk Christmas Saddles and Vases for you to choose your style. We can make to order or you can choose from the variety of premade pieces. Please call or stop by and let us help you with your cemetery needs. 



  • The Meaning of Different Rose Colors
  • Letting the Flower do the Talking

We are often asked the different meaning of roses. Here we try to answer this question

Roses Mean Love

Red- Love, Respect, Passion

Yellow - Joy and Friendship

Orange - Fascination

Pink - Happiness

Pale Pink - Grace and

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Let the flower speak for you. Here is a listing of popular flowers and their meaning

Aster - Symbol of Love

Azalea - Take care of yourself, Chinese symbol of womanhood

Bachelor's Buttons - Single Blessedness: hope in

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